Interviews I've done about my work:

  • How The Evergrey Fosters Community in Ever-Growing SeattleSeattle Met Magazine (January 2018)
  • Episode 1: Anika Anand - On Founding the Evergrey and Being a Journalist of Color: Nerd Farmer Podcast (April 2017)
  • Seattle journalists launch ‘The Evergrey’ newsletter, seeking a stronger sense of place in a booming cityGeekWire (October 2016)
  • Q&A with engagement editor, Anika Anand: ReportHers (December 2013)

Things I've written about my work:

  • 5 things I learned from creating a new thing: Medium (October 2017)
  • How diverse are our local newsrooms?: Medium (June 2016)
  • Engagement Strategies for the Tiny News Desk: ONA Blog (June 2015) 
  • Understanding your audience... then growing it – part 1: ONA Blog (June 2015)
  • Understanding your audience... then growing it – part 2: ONA Blog (June 2015)
  • How Chalkbeat is studying and building its audience: MediaShift (March 2014)